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Our vision is the Arabic speaking people everywhere would hear, understand and accept the true message of the gospel in contemporary ways.

Helping the Christian leaders and skeptical thinkers

Faith In Reason Ministry is a registered Canadian charitable organization involved in collecting donations in Canada to fund Christian apologetic training and education in the Middle East as directed by its Board of Directors in Canada.

FIRM directs different activities to achieve the following purposes:

  1. Help the skeptical thinkers understand the Gospel and how the Biblical teachings apply in our modern environment.
  2. Empower the Christian leaders to be ready to answer contemporary apologetic questions about God and the Bible teachings.

Our main ministry partner in Egypt is Credologus

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Youth Events

One day events for youth are held throughout the year. These events help the participants deal with their intellectual questions and existential struggles in life. This will include fundamental questions such as: where did we come from? Why we are here on earth? How to live our life in a moral way? Where will we go after death?

Leaders Training

One week program is held in different locations in the Middle East. The goal of the program is to equip religious leaders to be better able to share and defend their faith in the context of their culture, as well as helping participants to deal with the intellectual objections and heartfelt concerns that people have about Christianity in the Middle East.

Summer School

An annual two-week program is held in Egypt. This program is targeting young leaders who are involved in different ministries in their local churches. The goal of the program is to educate the youth with a solid foundation of the Christian teaching and equip them to answer contemporary apologetic questions.